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I have lived and worked as an arts professional in Los Angeles for decades. My exhibitions have helped launch and/or advance the careers of many artists. I have worked with a very diverse group of artists both in Los Angeles and abroad. In 2011 ‘My Super Hero, New Contemporary Art From Iran’ showcasing the works of 35 contemporary artists from Iran was the first of its kind in Los Angeles for more than one reason.

My Super Hero
New Contemporary Art From Iran
March 5 – April 30, 2011
Morono Kiang Gallery

A collaboration with Aaran Gallery in Tehran, It was the first major art exhibit coming directly from Iran. It was also the first and to my knowledge the only time an exhibition opened and ran concurrently in Tehran and Los Angeles. Like my first exhibit coming directly from Iran in 2009, ‘from The Streets of Iran’ (street art from Iran), it was very well received by audiences and the press alike. The featured publicity image for ‘My Super Hero’ was Newsha Tavakolian’s (pictured). Twelve years later, this is one of two photographs of Newsha’s that keeps getting attention on a regular basis. It has been included in many exhibitions since its debut in ‘My Super Hero’. The same image is on the cover of a new book on Iranian women photographers. ‘ Breathing Space: Iranian Women Photographers’ was just published by Thames & Hudson that features works by 23 women photographers. I have included some recent screenshots. I have always been grateful to Eliot Kiang, the owner of Morono Kiang Gallery, for his generous support to make that exhibit possible. I’m also grateful to Nazila Noebashari Owner and curator at Aaran Gallery whose persistent visionary work has been a very important part of the history of contemporary Iranian art. 

1001 Words

1001 Words is a place where I post and share my photos, and an occasional video, without having to spend time on social media. I might still share some pics on various sites, but this is where I like to publish my photos first.

I have taken over 50,000 photos over the years. Around 15000 of those photos are analog and shot before even Fax machines (Google Fax if you haven’t heard of it) were invented. This is my “instAlternative”. It used to be that sites like instagram were for posting your photos, but now they are all saturated with ads and non-photography related content. On this site, I just post photos I have taken for my own amusement and since I can’t really start from the beginning, I am starting with the most recent photos. Most of the photos are documentary, meaning they are not staged and I do not create a predetermined set up and any and all effects are in-camera effects whether analog or digital.

You can read more on the 1001 Words.

This site is dedicated to my friends Debbie, Forrest and Ali who are always inspiring and encouraging me.

Featured Photo: The Thinker, Le musée Rodin, Paris.

With Chris Francis

With Chris Francis I

Don’t miss Chris Francis: Shoe Designer at Craft & Folk Art Museum! ‘Chris will be relocating his shop to the museum. Stop by to view the exhibition, meet Chris, and see him in action.” Click here to view the information about Chris Francis’ exhibition and up-to-date schedule on CAFAM’s website.


Featured photo: Chris Francis by Shervin Shahbazi