The Ministry of Culture Is Back!

Once upon a time in East LA a couple of arts professionals got together to form a collective in order to respond to all the talk about a government proposed 700 mile border wall, to be built along the US-Mexico border, in 2006! We called the “organization”  The Ministry of Culture and the project ‘The Great Wall of Chinga’. Seems like a long time ago, but it appears that the wall hype has made a come back. So, naturally we had to bring back the ministry along with all the projects that related to this issue like the WE SAY NO project that engaged the community to express themselves first hand and in under two minutes about why they oppose the proposed Wall.  

All the details will be announced soon on Back when we did this first smart phones did not really exist and yet we got a great response. Now, we aim to involve and engage as many people as possible. One can not remain idle when rolling downhill at great speed! Stay tuned.