Man One

Man One at the Closing of Crewest December 2012 © Shervin Shahbazi
Man One at the Closing of Crewest
December 2012
© Shervin Shahbazi

2012 was a transitional year for some of us. We had to take that step we knew was inevitable for a long time. The gallery I ran closed its doors for good in April. It was difficult to accept only because we were doing some great things and we should have been able to continue. Later that year When Man One told me that Crewest, the gallery he owned, was going to shut down too, I had the same rotten feeling. Why is it that anyone who is doing some valuable work in the cultural field for their community can not keep their doors open. This after all was not the first time I was directly involved in this kind of situation. Man One (Alex Poli) and crew were doing great service to a large portion of the city of Los Angeles. You can find so much about them just by searching the internet. Crewest was a very special place that brought together so many people from different generations and backgrounds from all over LA and beyond. But it’s not all bad. Man One got himself a new studio and kept going. He is probably doing even more now than he had time for at Crewest. He is a shining star for his community and a hell of a nice guy who deserves all the best coming his way because he is the one who makes it possible.

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